Dash Investment Foundation Newsletter Sep 2021

Investment News

Valkyrie Dash Trust Launch

The Valkyrie Dash Trust investment vehicle has launched. The Dash Investment Foundation (DIF) was happy to support them for the launch of the fund. Future plans include enabling masternode rewards shared with Valkyrie Dash Trust shareholders. Today, trust shares are available for accredited investors. Funding options include USD wire or directly with DASH. To invest, or for general inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Bitfy DIF Investment & Dash Integration

In Q2, the DIF invested $150,000 in a company that, at the time, remained to-be-announced. That company was Bitfy. Bitfy allows users to buy, sell, and swap crypto. Additionally, Bitfy enables users to spend DASH at any of the 1.5 million merchants using Cielo’s Point of Sale machine. We hope this integration will encourage more DASH use cases in Brazil.

88i DIF Investment

Also in Q2, the DIF invested in 88i. 88i offers a microinsurance product to Brazilians. For example, 88i could issue an insurance policy to an Uber driver that exists only for the duration of a ride. Due to its extremely fast network, Dash Platform enables real-time registration of microinsurance policies. The entire contents of a policy can be recorded via Dash Platform, thus enabling verification and settlement in real-time.

Blockchain represents a core component of the suite of technologies that enable fast, frictionless, digital insurance. Blockchain technology uniquely provides traceability, intelligence, real-time application, and lowered costs. These features combine to streamline processes and eliminate fraud—fundamental to both insurance providers and their customers. To provide these features 88i is expected to leverage Dash Platform.

Quote from Darren: “Supervisors were impressed with the quality of 88i as a business. Investor updates since DIF investment continue to provide strong evidence that 88i is an outstanding and growing business.”

CTX.com Equity

CTX.com (formerly Dash Retail) issued equity to the DIF from both of its UK and Canadian corporate entities. CTX offers merchant payment-processing services and is expanding to provide fiat on- and off-ramps for consumers. DashDirect, another DIF portfolio company, uses CTX to power its payment processing.

Quadency Code for Lifetime 50% Off

Quandency crypto-asset management platform is issuing a lifetime discount of 50%. The discount offer code: [REDACTED Newsletter Subscribers only]

Interview with New Supervisors

Other News

DIF Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson

The DIF Supervisors unanimously elected Darren Tapp as our chairperson for 2021/2022. His assumption of this role has already proved vital. Darren serves as an identifiable and clear point-of-contact for potential investments. He arranges, sets the agenda, and manages our regular meetings, and performs other management functions. Sven Rossbach was elected as vice-chairperson. In addition to his vice-chair duties, Sven is working to improve the DIF vision, mission, and processes.

New Supervisors Onboarded

We have received confirmation from our director that our new supervisors have been appointed. Please extend a warm welcome to Glenn Austin, Ash Francis, and Sven Rossback.

Proofreader Appointed

As part of our ongoing communications efforts, we have appointed a proofreader and editor, Todd Warner. Todd will be responsible for reviewing our reports and newsletters before they are published.

Ryan Taylor Appointed as Advisor

Due to other obligations, Ryan Taylor elected not to run for a supervisory role. Instead, the newly elected supervisors offered Ryan the role of advisor. We are pleased to announce that Ryan has accepted the advisory role. As a DIF advisor, Ryan will not be empowered to vote, but will lend his expertise and be available to supervisors for questions. This appointment also provides a bridge of continuity between previous and newly-elected supervisors.

New Supervisors Statements

Glenn Austin

“Obviously we’re not all coming from the same background. For example supervisors bring marketing, entertainment, finance, and technical skills. We bring very different perspectives when we evaluate these businesses. We really complement each other with our various strengths.”

Ash Francis

“I was thrilled to join the DIF and the calibre of investment opportunities already presented has been exemplary. I would also like to thank both Darren and Sven for their continued work on chairing and running many aspects of the DIF and improving our processes, respectively”

Sven Rossbach

“I’m very happy to see what type of companies approach us. I think in the future we might want to be a bit more pro-active and aproach potential targets according to a strategy that we drive.”

That’s all for this month’s newsletter. We look forward to sharing more ongoing news and updates with you every month.

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