Dash Investment Foundation Newsletter Feb 2022

Formed in 2019, the Dash Investment Foundation (DIF) supports the growth of the Dash Network by enabling enforceable legal and financial arrangements between the Dash DAO and traditional businesses seeking funding from the network. The DIF can hold assets on behalf of the network and redeploy profits into additional growth-oriented projects. As such, the Dash Investment Foundation is the world’s first ownerless and memberless investment fund. The DIF was incorporated on March 21st, 2019 as a Cayman Islands foundation company limited by guarantee and is completely controlled by Dash’s decentralized network. Read more about the Dash Network at dash.org and the Dash Investment Foundation at dashinvests.org.

Investment News


The DIF is excited to announce its investment of $149,973 in CoinRoutes. CoinRoutes provides advanced algorithmic trading software for traders, agency and OTC desks, as well as investment managers. The focus is on pulling real-time, full-depth order books from all major exchanges to minimize slippage while trading. The offering was oversubscribed, and the DIF was happy to participate in the round. Additionally, the DIF is looking forward to partnering with CoinRoutes as it rolls out new products related to spot and derivative trading in the near future.

RUNE Token Purchase (THORChain)

In Q4, the DIF completed an investment of $100,000 in RUNE, the native settlement token of the THORChain DEX. This investment will seed a yield-bearing liquidity pool in anticipation of a pending DASH/RUNE pairing. Like all new assets, DASH will be added provisionally at first, THORChain users can then “vote” with their liquidity to make provisional assets permanent. By contributing a significant sum toward the initial liquidity pool, which requires staking both DASH and RUNE in proportion, the DIF helps ensure DASH is swiftly migrated from provisional to fully-supported asset. Technical integration is provided by the Dash Incubator. Stay tuned for DASH availability on THORChain.

THORChain is a decentralized exchange protocol that will provide a convenient on- and off-ramp for Dash by allowing for trustless and KYC-free swaps between any supported blockchain and yield earnings from native assets for liquidity providers. It aims to bind all cryptocurrencies together with an accessible, secure, and lightning-fast bridging protocol. At its core, THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity network. Future plans for THORChain include synths, composites, lending, leveraged trading, and more.

TBA Investment

In Q4, the DIF invested $300,000 in a company yet to be announced. Stay tuned!
Other News

Valkyrie Dash Trust and Valkyrie advancement

The Valkyrie Dash Trust investment vehicle is live. The Dash Investment Foundation was happy to support the launch of the fund. Today, trust shares are available for accredited investors globally. Funding can be performed via USD wire or directly with DASH. To invest or for general inquiries, please contact [email protected]. Please be on the lookout for a planned Valkyrie podcast and also a chance to discuss the Dash Trust one-on-one with a DIF volunteer.

Dash Wallet + DashDirect

DashDirect is a white-labeled version of CrayPay’s instant savings mobile application and the result of a successful collaboration between CrayPay, Dash Core Group, and investment funding provided by the Dash Investment Foundation. The rollout was smooth and quite popular, enabling quick and painless spending of DASH, at a discount, at over 155,000 retail locations and 75+ national US retailer websites. The Dash Core Group further enhanced this relationship by streamlining the interaction between the DashDirect and the Dash Wallet apps through the wallet’s newly released Explore feature. This collaboration highlights how a relationship can mature and enable additional value to the community.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned (subscribe!) for more news from the Dash Investment Foundation. Thank you.

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