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Election, Take 2

I know many of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to lately. You probably noticed we haven’t posted a funding request in a long time. And in August, we called for supervisor applications, but as of today, no new supervisors have been added to the board. What happened?

DIF Supervisor Election 2022 – Call for Applications

With a little bit of delay, the 2022 election is finally underway! We encourage anyone interested in running as DIF Supervisor to apply here: https://forms.gle/ut8MetXHJfDhPTPo9 Some background: Supervisor Terms In June last year, before the 2021 election, the previous set of supervisors agreed to change the term rules stipulated in the DIF constitution to apply […]

Investment News – Valkyrie, Edge, Ionia

Time for an update on the recent goings-on at the DIF! Market Conditions The DIF receives funding from Dash treasury proposals in Dash. Since our equity investments are typically denominated and transacted in fiat currency, we need to liquidate this funding to USD and potentially EUR or other fiat currencies. Rather than selling large chunks […]