Supervisor Election Results

After a long delay, the DIF Supervisor election finally concluded at the end of February. We had four candidates running for (re)election. We used the DAO proposal system for the election, so each candidate had an application page on Dash Central:

The voting cycle ended with superblock 1827760, the voting deadline for which was on Feb 21. The deadline is important because Dash Central keeps tallying votes even after the deadline passed. Some votes did come in late and show up on DashCentral, but didn’t affect the results as mined in the superblock. MNOwatch is a better source for the results:

All four candidates had a net-positive vote count and were therefore confirmed as supervisors:

Vote results of 2023 supervisor election

As explained in our Call for Applications, Michael had a two-year term and and will remain on the supervisor board for another year. The top three candidates – Sven, Jared and Justin – won a two-year term this time around, while Michael and Rodrigo will stand for re-election next year if they choose to run again.

In the run-up to the election there was apparently some controversy regarding our request for 2 Dash fee reimbursement. I already addressed it in the Dash Forum at the time and as it turns out, my reasoning applied. Even though it looks on Dash Central, due to late-vote counting, as if two candidates broke the 10% threshold, in reality only one candidate did and triggered a payment, as can be seen on any block explorer. The treasury payout transaction ID is f8690dfa5f5ee5fa98a50e750a9833fa583fdb4dc49ebb4e7a818cf93de75077, here it is in block 1827760: The DIF payout address is Xvwp4u7CRZpzoU7ryk2Q66Jgo92ejCvb3K. So we paid 4 Dash in proposal fees and received 2 Dash in reimbursements for a net loss of 2 Dash. I don’t think anyone can complain about the DIF trying to profit from the decision proposals this way.

Congratulations to the new supervisors and welcome on board!

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